The many advantages of a virtual job fair

With as many as 300,000 people registered with VDAB, it is clear that there are a lot of job-seekers. Often, looking for work is an exhausting and labour-intensive undertaking. Job fairs ease this burden by bringing dozens of potential employers together under one roof. Having such events take place online lowers the threshold to finding a new job even more.  

What exactly is a virtual job fair?

It is easy to think that a virtual job fair is not much different from a recruitment site where different employers post their vacancies. Yet this line of thinking is entirely incorrect. Virtual job fairs offer a much more personal experience of being in direct contact with potential employers. This can be done via (video) chat, meeting module or the contact form. That way, you can be sure that you will get in touch with the right person. Don’t forget to network in the networking café!

Virtual job fairs are also much more than just a website. The virtual job fairs of Job City consist of 3D environments where one can move around freely. This makes the experience a lot more pleasant for visitors. Finally, in the auditoria, one can also participate in numerous instructive webinars.

How do I prepare myself as an applicant for a virtual job fair? 

  • Do your research: Be sure to check in advance which potential employers will be present at the job fair. If you are well prepared, you are bound to make a good first impression. 
  • Do not focus on one company: You may have a preference for a potential employer. Try to be open to the many other companies present at the virtual job fair. You never know what you might discover!
  • Practice your communication skills: Communication on a virtual job fair can be both written and oral. It is therefore important that you pay attention to your spelling and that you try to be as fluent as possible in your verbal handling.

How do I prepare for a virtual job fair as an organiser? 

As an organiser, this depends on how much control you want to have. Thanks to the Fairtual Manager, you can set up the entire event on your own. Of course, this is the labour-intensive option. You can count on the Job City team to help you organise your job fair in the best possible way. 

What makes a virtual job fair better than its physical counterpart? 

  • More candidates: It can often be difficult or expensive for job applicants to reach job fairs. Offering an online alternative ensures that more people find their way to the event.
  • More for less: Renting an exhibition hall is very expensive in itself. In addition, all employers have to invest in their own stands. With a virtual job fair, you can reduce these costs without sacrificing quality. 
  • More opportunities for contact: The applicant can get in touch with the potential employers in several ways. 
  • Ideal for schools and campuses: More and more schools and campuses are using online job fairs. Considering the lower cost of a virtual job fair and the fact that young people find their way more quickly on the Internet, the choice is only logical. 
  • A more diverse target group: Studies show that online job fairs attract a more diverse audience. Thanks to the virtual aspect of the job fair, they have the opportunity to present themselves without prejudice. 
So you see. Virtual job fairs are far from being a thing of the future. They can function equally well as a stand-alone event or as a connection to their physical counterparts. In any case, the results are undeniable. 
The many advantages of a virtual job fair
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